Pro tips on how to decorate your rental student apartment

If you are in your freshman year at college, you certainly wonder if there are some rental-friendly ways in which you can decorate your room. The answer is obviously, yes. If you opt for a house share student accommodation, you can consider yourself lucky. This type of accommodation has all the necessities for a student and they are maintained in perfect form. However, this does not mean that you cannot arrange your room so it fits your personal taste and personality better. Bellow we have some suggestions on how could you do it.

1. Change the rugs

A small change goes a long way, and if you don’t have the possibility of painting the walls, or bringing other significant improvements in a rental apartment during your stay, simply changes the rugs. A livelier, colourful one will certainly do the job. Alternatively, you could invest in several fake sheepskins, like the ones found at Ikea. They look gorgeous, are easy to maintain in proper form and they work wonders if you want to beautify and make a more comfortable living environment.

2. Hang some pictures

If you are allowed to put some nails in the walls, a great way to create a more personal living space in your rental apartment, you can put some pictures on the walls. Choose from some of the best pictures of you and family members or friends, or simply opt for some posters. A great alternative, if you are not allowed to put nails in the walls is to use some adhesive tape and stick your décor elements on the wall.

3. Greenery, for a livelier environment

Some house share student accommodation facilities is already flawlessly arranged, but if you want to have a more personal environment, we encourage you to place some pots of plants around your room. If you fear that they might die due to the lack of natural light, or due to neglect, you can simply opt for artificial plants. Nowadays, these are manufactured flawlessly and you can’t even tell the fake ones from real ones.

4. Turn old appliances into new ones

Old appliances might ruin the look of an otherwise pretty kitchen. Metallic adhesive foil does a great job at giving old appliances a new look. For instance, use it to mask an old oven, or even a refrigerator. You can create different patterns and designs by using it, and the results will be astounding. Also, when ending your contract, you can simply remove it and leave everything as you found it. But our guess is that the owners will like the new design so much, they will simply ask to leave it as it is.

These are four remodel ideas that are suitable for student rental apartments. Make sure to adapt these to your own situation and find the best solution for yourself.