Myths about claiming tax refunds in the UK

Despite the fact that we all pay taxes, regardless of job or social status, the topic still remains shrouded in mystery. Taxes are stressful, complicated and annoying, which is why most people pay them without questioning whether the amount is fair or not. However, sometimes the taxes you have to pay are ridiculously high because there was an error in calculating your tax code and your only option is to look for a tax rebate UK expert. Refunds can be quite consistent, but not many taxpayers try to get them, so there are many myths going around, preventing people from enjoying their benefits. If you have heard about rebates, but you’re sceptical about them, then these points might clarify some myths and misconceptions.

Working with a tax rebate expert is expensive

If you know you’re paying too much tax, but resign yourself to the idea that rebates cost you a lot, you are a victim of myth #1. Finding out what amount you can receive is absolutely free and a professional company will never ask you a fee if you don’t successfully get a refund. So, in the end, you are the one who gains. Even if the company who helped you claim the refund requests a fixed price, you still get some money!

Getting your tax back is complicated

This is another common myth perpetuated among taxpayers. The process might have been a bit more complicated a few years ago, but now it’s not that difficult. You can find a professional company with just a few clicks, use free tax rebate UK calculators to get an estimate and the processing time isn’t longer than 12 weeks at most. You’ll get help with paperwork from the company you collaborate with, so all you have to do is wait.

You can’t claim a tax rebate if you no longer work in the UK

If you overpaid taxes in the UK, but now you longer work there, that doesn’t mean you can’t claim a tax rebate. As long as you were legally employed there, nothing stops you from getting part of your money back. The only condition is to have worked in the United Kingdom in the previous four years, so don’t wait for too long because you could be losing money!

Getting a tax refund affects your visa

It is unclear how this myth appeared, but claiming or getting a rebate in no way affects your visa or your right to work freely in the UK. Moreover, getting the money back doesn’t mean you will stop enjoying any work benefits you might have gained throughout your work history.

You need permission from your employer

Last, but not least, the process of filing for UK claim tax refund is independent from your employer. Whether you work in the public or private sector, as a teacher, flight attendant or nurse, you don’t need to ask permission from your employer to claim a tax rebate, nor do you have to inform them that you’re about to do that.