Mistakes to avoid when buying a snow blower

Due to the fact that we live in this day and age, it seems barbaric to still shovel the snow during winter, especially when you have an amazing tool like the snow blower that can ease your effort and shorten the time necessary for dealing with the white mountains that build up around your house. Unfortunately, there are people who make mistakes when they choose the snow blower they should use on their property, which can lead to many unpleasant problems. To avoid this happening to you, read the following lines and remember what you see here for when you go buying a snow blower, because these are the main mistakes you must avoid when doing so.

Not considering the driveway size and length

One of the most common mistakes people do when they go shopping for a snowblower is to buy a model that can’t handle the size of the driveway and walkway, or to buy one that is inappropriately large for it, making their jobs at clearing the path harder.

If your driveway has no more than 50 feet, and the sideways are up to 150 feet, you should go for a single-stage gas snow blower that has an auger to pick up the snow. Choose a model that has a five-horsepower engine because it will throw the snow up to 25 feet, and that is light and easy to maneuver for you to be able to move around with it freely.

For large driveways and walkways you should buy a two-stage or three-stage gas snowblower, because with their help you can finish the job fast and without anything happening to the machine itself.

Not considering the terrain steepness

If your terrain is leveled you can choose whatever model suits the rest of the criteria you base your search on like how much snow actually falls during winter, or what size are your walkways and the driveway. On the other hand, if you have steep terrain, don’t buy a single-stage gas snow blower because it won’t be able to handle this type of terrain properly. The best option for you in this case are the two-stage and three-stage gas snow blowers.

Not considering the average snow build up

First of all, if you have only light snowfalls in your area that are rarely bigger than three inches, don’t buy a snow blower at all, because you don’t need it. In this case it’s better to stick to the old method and shovel the snow, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a tool that you don’t actually need.

If you have snowfalls that reach six inches, you should buy a one-stage snow blower, because it’s powerful enough to do the job efficiently.

In case you have regular snowfalls that exceed six inches, you should definitely go for a two-stage or a three-stage gas snow blower, because the one-stage model can’t face this quantity effectively, but they can.

Not reading reviews

When it comes to expensive devices such as snow blowers, it is advised to read several reviews before buying a certain product. Reviews can tell you how ease to maneuver a snow thrower is, whether or not it is durable and if it experiences any sort of problems.

As you can see, when it comes to devices which you have never used before, it can be very hard to know what you are looking for. This is where online shopping guides can come in handy.