How to Rid Your Home of Cigar Smoke Odors

The lung of a smoker is already accustomed with the smoke, but that isn’t the case with non-smokers. Second and third hand smoking are very dangerous for those who have clean lungs, and you have to take action against it if you want to protect your household members and yourself from these dangers.

The smell that smoking cigars leaves behind is very potent, and it rapidly sinks in everything, from the walls, to the carpet and furniture, meaning that even if you aren’t in the same room with the smoker, and the air has cleared out, by staying in that environment you will still inhale that awful and toxic odor.

Read the following lines to learn about some useful and efficient ways to rid your home of the harmful cigar smoke odor, and breathe fresh and clean air again.

Air purifiers

If you have one or more smokers in your house, you need something to eliminate the odor continually, and the best solution is to buy an air purifier.
Set this amazing device on the highest setting, clean or replace its filters periodically, and you won’t have a problem ever again with that nasty odor that the cigar smoke leaves behind.

In addition, air purifiers clean the air in your house not only of any unwanted odor like the one that comes from cigars, but it eliminates any bacteria and contaminants from it, being great for any home, especially those who have household members that suffer from allergies or asthma. The best air purifier manufacturers have announced a new line of air purifiers for next year, and it is estimated that the newer models will be a lot more effective than this year’s units. So, check out the latest air purifier reviews and pre-order the one that most suits your needs. When reading the air purifier review, focus on your own needs, and don’t get distracted by sophisticated features which you might end up not using at all.

Clean the walls

To make sure the odor gets out of your home for good, you should clean your walls periodically if you have smokers in it.

The best methods to clean your walls are to either to wet a rag with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe them with it, or to use a mix of half a gallon of white vinegar and half a gallon of water and wet a rag with this combination to clean them.

Make sure to wipe thoroughly, and the difference in smell will be immediately noticeable. In addition, you might find that the color will get back to its initial state, because the cigar smoke unfortunately darkens the color of your walls as well.

Vacuum thoroughly

Unfortunately, the odor that cigar smoke leaves behind affects the carpets and the couches as well, being impregnated with this awful odor very fast, and to make it go away your only option is to vacuum them thoroughly.

After vacuuming these surfaces, sprinkle a coat of baking soda over them and leave it there overnight. The next day, vacuum them carefully of all the baking soda, and the unpleasant smell will disappear from them for good.

If you have smokers in your house, repeat this once a month to make sure the odor doesn’t get any chance to damage the health of the non-smokers.