How to make your home homier

Many people tend to be so concerned about having their home as tidy as possible that in the process, they somehow depersonalise it. When thinking about it, what makes a home unique and personal, the fact that you sleep there every night? …not exactly. It’s the little things that matter, the pyjamas left on the side of the bed, the photos on your nightstand, the shopping list from your fridge or the smell of the flowers you placed on your living room table in the morning. To this extent, if you have just moved into a new house or apartment and you want to make your space more personal and homier, here are a few ideas of what you can do:

Put some of the cards made by your children on the fridge door

The fridge can often be the heart of the kitchen, as not only does it store the food that will feed the entire family, but it is also a place that everyone checks out and opens every day. It stands to reason why this should be the first item you personalise in order to make the kitchen look better. Every time you will pass by the fridge, you will notice the drawings made by your children and you will smile. That is surely a great way to start your day and an even better one to finish it, so if your children are into card making, be sure to put your favourite cards on the fridge!

Always have some flowers in a vase

Flowers make a home more beautiful and fill the air with their fresh aroma. This is why when you are looking for a way to make your home look better, you can always count on a vase of flowers to create a stunning effect and look amazing. You can choose seasonal flowers or something very perfumed to make your entire house smell better.

Place a few photos around the house

Choose a few of your favourite family photos, frame them and place them around your house. They will definitely give a personal air to any room and make the place homey and nice. Every time you will walk into that room and see the pictures, you will remember the moment when you took them and you will immediately get in a happier mood.

Add some wall art where possible

Whether you prefer wall decals, paintings or even handmade arrases, the point is to fill your walls with something that is to your taste, so that they won’t look empty and cold anymore. You don’t have to place too many decorations, just a few will create the desired effect and you will always love spending time at home and feel more comfortable.

These are just a few ideas that will surely make your home look better and enable you to feel more comfortable in your new place. Remember that the small details make all the difference and even one or two handmade cards paced on the fridge door can make an enormous difference.