How to create an effortlessly put-together fall look?

When it comes to finding the perfect pieces for a thermally comfortable, yet fancy looking style, many tend to struggle during the cold months. However, by investing in several timeless pieces, you will succeed to bring some class into a warm look. Some pieces will certainly create a great, visually appealing style. But let’s see what timeless pieces make great cold weather investments in the following paragraphs.

Cozy up in an oversized cardigan

Who doesn’t love themselves a cozy, warm cardigan? A cashmere piece will certainly turn heads down the street, and it will keep you warm on a rather chilly day. Don’t invest in pieces of a questionable quality, because they will make you look messy. There is a trick behind those ladies that rock with success the messy-but-put-together look. They invest in high quality pieces, manufactured from high-quality, mostly natural fabrics. So, cashmere is the only option which you want to consider. Also, wool works wonders, but search for smooth, non-scratchy wool.

A pair of black ankle boots

These boots work wonders if you want to maintain perfect proportions with some oversized pieces in the upper part. So, a pair of modern ankle boots, in black leather will certainly work wonders in terms of stylistic choices. Combine those with a pair of black skinny jeans and with an oversized cardigan. A camel or nude one will certainly work wonders, if you want to create an effortless, classy impression. For a laid-back look, combine those with a messy bun, a solid red lipstick and natural makeup. Also, make sure that you wear those boots correctly. The jean should never pass the top of the boot. In fact, at all times you should roll your jeans one inch above the boots. Tucking the jeans inside the boots is also a bad idea. These are two common ankle boot styling issues.

A timeless watch

Women certainly love jewellery, but many make the deadly mistake of choosing it poorly. A timeless watch, however, will certainly make you look classier than multiple pieces of cheap jewellery. Of course, an Olivia Burton watch will certainly be pricier than Forever 21 jewellery, but it is worth it. At a certain age, you should start investing in fewer, but higher quality jewellery pieces. Quality over quantity is the basic styling rule you should follow.

A pair of leather gloves

Yes, this is a must in everybody’s wardrobe during the cold months. And while you want to stay warn, you surely don’t want to neglect the way you look. So, a pair of leather gloves, in a bright colour, will certainly improve your look.

These are some essentials all women need in their wardrobes if they want to maintain a classy and comfortable look during the unpleasant, yet special in their own way, cold months. And don’t forget: a pair of high quality boots will take you a long way.