First time best man-find out your duties and responsibilities

Attending a wedding as the best man represents a great honor, which comes with many responsibilities. Some, like organizing the bachelor’s party and choosing a tuxedo with the groom are unquestionably entertaining while others like writing and delivering a speech, taking care of the wedding rings and welcoming the guests might prove to be quite challenging. However, your most important duty is to make sure that you provide the groom the needed support because after all, this is a special day for him and he will definitely feel overwhelmed by emotions. You might also become a little nervous when discovering that your role starts with the wedding planning and does not end until after the reception. Practically, you will be involved in every step, witness relevant moments and significant decisions or changes.

Wedding planning

In terms of wedding planning, your main duties are to spend as much time as possible with the groom meaning that you have to advise him when exploring tuxedos and prepare him for the special event. Once again, the bachelor party depends entirely on you because everything from invitations and location to activities and present for the groom falls on your shoulders. Moreover, you have to organize fittings for the groomsmen, keep them up to date regarding any change in the program and set wedding accommodations for those out of town. The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner cannot take place without your presence but do not worry, the first one should only last around half an hour.  In what concerns the rehearsal dinner, you would have to make a toast but do not give your best lines ahead of time. Remember, you will have to deliver the much-awaited Best man speech at the reception.

Wedding day

  • Ceremony: Taking into consideration that you are responsible with the groomsmen, you have to make sure that they arrive on time at the ceremony, dressed accordingly and with properly attached boutonnieres. Make sure you bring the wedding rings and keep them safely until the ceremony begins. At the end, you have to escort the maid of honor and the mother of the bride out of the church. Because you have witnessed the union of the couple, you obviously must sign the marriage license. In the absence of a limousine, you might have to drive the bride and groom at the reception.
  • Reception: Everyone knows that Best man speeches represent the highlight of the event and yes, this is one of your most important responsibilities. However, until then, you have other things to take care of, such as welcoming the guests and making introductions, dance with the bridesmaids and of course, the bride, collect and store the presents from the guests. After delivering the speech and receiving the applause, you have to prepare the groomsmen for the photographs and ask them to help you decorate the getaway vehicle. Remember that you helped the groom chose a suitable tuxedo for the wedding? Now it is your job to return it.