Dos and donts when renting a car

If you intend to rent a car for the first time, then you have to consider several aspects, more exactly know what you should do and not to do in such a situation. Start by assessing your needs and marking them down on a list, such as the type of car, the number of passengers, storage space and other features while keeping in mind the purpose of renting or what destination you want to reach. Your budget should also be present rather at the beginning of the list and if you cannot allocate a lot of money do not worry because you can benefit from cheap car rentals. Secondly you should take your time, do a research concerning your options meaning the car rental companies, and select the most beneficial one. Finally yet importantly, when the moment comes, do not be afraid to ask the right questions and make sure the car is fully functional and reliable.

What to do

Examining the car for damages should be your first action before making a decision because some companies might take advantage of this and try to blame you for the condition of the car in order to make more profit. If the car does have certain scratches, include them on your list or you can take photos and use them as evidence. Price advertisements can be deceiving so it is better to be precautious. Whether you choose to book online or over the phone, pay great attention to the terms and conditions or inquire about additional taxes and fees because you might have a surprise and if you did not included this aspect in your budget from the beginning, you will not be able to afford the car rental. If you do not want to pay additional fees, return the car on time. Each hour exceeding the rental period on which you agreed initially will add extra charges to the bill. On the other hand, you cannot foresee future hazards and if you think that you will not be able to make it on time, then call the company and extend the period of your rental.

What not to do

Do not wait until the last minute to book a car rental because it will affect your flexibility, which means that you will not be able to benefit from a cheaper price and the number of available cars could decrease significantly. If you do not want to end up paying for a car rental that does not fully meets your requirements and needs, then you should book in advance. You do not have to prepay for gas or insurance for several reasons. When it comes to gas, you will probably manage to fuel the car cheaper by yourself. In terms of insurance, you are probably already covered in case of accidents meaning that you do not have to pay additional fees to the car rental company. However, you should take into consideration if you intend to travel out of the country because this might change the situation.