Dare more: Install a Wall Mural in the Living Room by yourself

Like most homeowners, when you decided to decorate your personal living space, you probably chose paint for every single wall. Indeed, this represents a common and safe choice because not everyone dares to go with a mural. The right piece of artwork can add color and personality to any space, so why not dare more? You probably heard many misconceptions or myths associated with wall murals, from just being painted on to being difficult to clean. Maybe in the past, they used paint to create wall murals, but nowadays the situation is quite different because the paint has become unnecessary for the installation of wall murals. Since new wall mural designs do not require the use of paint but rather print, you will not encounter difficulties cleaning it and you do not have to worry about the imagery coming apart or becoming flaky. Even more, if you choose the right company, you might get an easy-to-install wall mural in a gloss finish to facilitate the cleaning process.

Choose the right wall mural for your beautiful home

Taking into account the very large array of, choosing something suitable for your home might prove to be a real challenge. Feel free to take as much time as you consider necessary for the intense selection process and then prepare yourself for installing the masterpiece in the living room, which represents the ideal space in the house for such a dramatic addition because the walls are bigger. Speaking of size, do not worry about the available space being too small or large for the wall mural because you can get customized pieces, according to your specific needs; you just have to make sure that you measure the respective wall correctly and that is it. Furthermore, the artwork will not fade as quickly as you think and if, someday in the future, you decide to replace the current design, you will be able to take it down with minimum effort. However, since you first have to install the wall mural before taking it down, you probably wonder about the main steps you need to follow during the process.

Wall mural installation: follow the steps correctly

This represents a very good question because after all, you need to gather the required tools and follow each step religiously in order to complete the project successfully. In terms of tools, you need a pencil and a craft knife, a bucket and a wallpaper sponge, a spirit level and a steel ruler, a paintbrush, rollers and tray. All these will help you make the wallpaper smooth and straight. Start by examining and wall to make sure that it is clean and dry. Otherwise, the wallpaper might not stick well. After the assessment, you have to mix the paste in the bucket by using a whisk; use cold water for the mixing step. Leave it approximately 15 minutes and then give it another stir. Non-woven wallpaper requires adhesive so make sure that you have it. Use the roller to stick the wallpaper and you are done.