Child protection: crucial steps to follow when hiring a nanny

Pregnant women face a common dilemma: should they send their child to daycare or hire a nanny to take care of him at home? Obviously, the final decision depends on several factors including family lifestyle, the flexibility of the budget and the mon’s work schedule. Planning for childcare is never too early, especially for those women who want to return in the office and manage, over time, to find a balance between work and family life. Taking into account that your child’s protection represents the most important thing for a mother, hiring the right nanny is crucial. For this reason, many women identify their needs, set high expectations and start an intense selection process. Some mothers can share horror nanny stories because even though at first, they might seem loving and kind, you never know what hides inside a person. This means that you not only have to play close attention during the interview and analyze attentively her resume, but also keep an eye on her behavior for a long period after inviting her in your home.

Establish your expectations and requirements from the beginning

This article has the purpose to help you complete the searching and hiring process successfully and have the peace of mind at the end that you can entrust the safety of your precious kid in the hands of the chosen caregiver. Start by picturing your ideal nanny. Since she will also become your employee because after all, you pay for the services offered, she must possess solid communication and time-management skills, be organized and take criticism positively. When it comes to your expectations, establish the level of education and experience desired, the type of personality you prefer, the job location, the flexibility of the schedule, namely full time or part-time, types of discipline techniques that you accept and special provisions that you might require. If the person shares your interests, is willing to work overtime and occasionally do housework, then it will be the ideal candidate.

Perform a background check and evaluate each candidate’s references

However, do not get fooled by nice words and as mile; you have to perform a background check in order to make sure that she has a spotless past. Furthermore, you can also find out if she can work in your country by checking her social security number or asking for her green card. The interview represents your first interaction so if you feel like something is not right, then you should follow your instinct and abstain from hiring the person even though she seems nice. You are going to give that person your permission to spend time with your child in your house so your instinct is good enough to refuse a candidate’s services. Finally, yet importantly, make sure that you check her references. Evaluate the experiences other mothers or families had after making the decision of hiring her as a caregiver for their babies. If you notice any red flag, abort the mission and move on to the next candidate.