Best surprise ideas for his birthday

His birthday is about to come and you want to make it an unforgettable anniversary this year to show him how much you love and appreciate him. You could buy him any gift that a man would usually receive such as a tie or a pair of sneakers but that is not such an original idea that will make his heart beat faster and realize how special he is to you. Here are some surprising and fun ideas that will make him remember your gift forever.

Grant all his wishes for a day

Think about what is his favorite food for breakfast and surprise him with a breakfast in bed, prepare him a large cup of coffee, and let him know that today is only about him and that you will grant all his wishes. Wherever he wants to go or whatever he wants to do, even if it is a football game that you are not so keen on, take him there and show him support. This will make him feel like a king for a day and he will surely remember how much you tried to create the best birthday for him.

Tickets to concert

For sure he has a favorite artist or band that he wanted to see live on a stage for years but never got the chance. Do your research and see when and where the next concert is going to be and buy tickets for both of you to go there. He will love your gift and the fact that you did not buy him a boring gift that he would get from anyone else.

Unforgettable trip

Taking him out of the city for a trip that will make him relieve all the stress he has from his job is an amazing present idea. Snorkeling boat trips in the Turks & Caicos Islands is a fun and awesome way to show him how much you want him to have the best birthday ever. It would take you both to a romantic trip to a breathtaking place that will make you both create unforgettable memories.

Music video

Gather all his friends and family members and ask them to help you create a music video for his birthday. Write a song with lyrics that are meaningful for him and just have fun filming it. This is the kind of gift that he can keep as a memory forever and he will surely appreciate how much effort you’ve put into creating such a fun and original gift.

Show interest in his hobby

He surely asked you for so many times to do something related to his hobby that you are not so interested in and you tried to find a way to avoid it. Well, on his birthday, be the one that asks him to teach you how to play his favorite sport or to watch his favorite movie. Let him know that you support his interests and that if they make him happy, you want to be by his side to see him smiling.

Make sure that his birthday is only about him and that you stay by his side to celebrate it together, no matter if you are on a trip in Turks & Caicos Islands Boat Charters or in bed all day long just watching his favorite TV show and eating snacks.