Amazing ways to wow your wedding guests

Congratulations! So, he finally popped the big question and now you have to plan your wedding. You attended wedding before so you know that as a guest you want the groom and bride to impress you with the choices of venue, music and arrangements. Therefore, you want to make sure that your guests will be amazed by how you organize your wedding. For you and your partner the ceremony is the most important moment of the wedding, but for your guests the reception is the moment, they are looking forward to. You have to do your best to plan a night they will not forget. Here are some ideas that will help you obtain the wow effect, and to make people talk about your wedding many years after.

Seating assignments are important

You may say that this is an evident aspect, but you should know that you should offer more attention to seat guests, than you actually do. You have to arrange guests at the tables in such a way to share the seat with people they know and they are friends with. If you make a well-thought-out seating chart, then you can be sure that they will get involved in great conversation, and they will have a great time at your wedding. So if college colleagues attend your wedding make sure to put them at the same table, and in case you have invited parents with their children, the parents should stay at an adults table, close to the kids one.

Have fun with photo booths

If you want to make sure that, your guests will have a lot of fun then you should hire photo booths, because your guests will definitely use them to take pictures. You only have to browse through the articles offered by a provider, and you will find glasses, large hats, boas, moustaches and more other similar items. Not only children will have fun when seeing them, but also adults will enjoy taking crazy pictures. You only have to check online and see what offers the providers from your region have. Photo booths are a great way to have instant mementos at the reception, and if you hire a professional photographer, you can be sure that you and your guests will love the pictures. They can take the images of the wedding home, as a wedding favor.

Prepare for the toast but keep it short

Toasts are wonderful and meaningful, but this does not mean that your guests will want to stay up all night listening to you, sharing a long story. So if you intend to have a toast you should make sure you are ready for it, and you so not keep your speech more than two minutes. The same should be for anyone who intends to speak, so if you know that your family or friends want to do it, you should ask them not to share any long story. Just keep it simple and everyone will enjoy the toasting moments from here and then.