5 Things You Didn’t Know about Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are a great innovation that have changed the way people keep their pools clean and safe for swimming. Although these units are so appreciated by pool owners, most of them ignore some of the properties of the robotic pool cleaner. Discover below 5 things you didn’t know about robotic pool cleaners.

They can clean the pool’s walls and steps

You may think that cleaning the pool with a robotic pool cleaner means you can only take care of the pool’s floor, but it can also clean the walls and even the steps. If you read some automatic pool cleaner reviews, you will notice that most models have rubber wheels that offer increased traction so they can stick to the walls without flipping over and falling off. You simply drop the pool cleaner in the pool and let it clean the entire surface, including the pool steps and walls.

They can clean the pool without having to empty it

Most people believe you have to empty the pool before starting the robotic pool cleaner because it won’t work in water. Truth is, it can clean the pool while filled with water, so you won’t have to waste time to empty it. It has a swivel cord that turns around every time the pool cleaner makes a turn and it floats above the water, so the robotic pool cleaner won’t get tangled in it.

They can scrub off the dirt

Another great advantage of the robotic pool cleaner that you probably didn’t know is that it can scrub the dirt off the surface of the pool before absorbing it. The small rubber blades it has at the front and sides can scrub the dirt gathered on the tiles so you won’t have to. Or course, not all pool cleaners are equally efficient, so we advise you to read some automatic pool cleaner reviews before deciding on a particular model.

They can scan the surface of the pool

You don’t have to stay near the pool when the pool cleaner does its job because it can scan the entire pool and it will know where it needs to go and where it already went. Once you drop it in the pool, it will perform a complete scan of the pool and it will create a cleaning map, so it won’t go over the same spot many times.

You can program them to start the cleaning at any time

Another hidden property of the robotic pool cleaner is that it can be set to start at a certain time, whether you are at home or not. Most units come with a programmable timer so you can adjust the time and date and create a cleaning schedule of the pool cleaner. This way, the unit will know when it has to start cleaning the pool without you having to go and start it.