3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Sash Windows

It is commonly believed that there is no downside to having sash windows in a Victorian house. Unfortunately, panes of this kind degrade with time, the result being that they become less energy efficient. It is normal to want to keep the Victorian windows for as long as possible, but you have to understand that traditional timber sash in your home will cause heat loss. This in turn accounts for approximately 10% of your heating bills. The great news is, however, that you can keep the casement and have experts in sash window replacement new make panes to match your existing frame. If you are not yet convinced that upgrading your window sashes is what you should do, here are three solid reasons why you should be do the exact opposite.

Improving the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

What is certain is that sash windows are part of the intrinsic aesthetic appeal of the home. These panes have been used for decades in the UK, beginning with the Victorian and Georgian times. There is no doubt that this kind of window adds charm to your property, but you should know that modern options look just as convincing. Even if the panes are not beyond repair, you should still think about replacing them. New sash windows are like your existing ones. As a matter of fact, they are more attractive compared to traditional ones.

Getting Superior Quality and Extended Durability

With time, the sash windows become subject to wear and tear. If the panels begin to rot, your home will become draughtier, not to mention that your energy bills will go up. This is the reason why you need to replace the old timber structure and fit in new windows. What you will enjoy is superior quality and extended durability. The frames will prevent the cold air from coming in and energy waste. New panes are equipped with double-glazing, which creates insulation, limits condensation and increase the security of the property.

Little to No Maintenance

It is commonly believed that new sash windows require no maintenance at all, but this is not entirely true. While it is true that you do not have to dedicate much time to maintenance, you will still have to clean the panels. What you have to do is avoid cleaning the panes with an acidic cleaner Because it will melt away the of plastic sheet. Just use a clean wipe. This is enough to maintain your proud possessions.